Career Services and Cooperative Education

Through a comprehensive series of programs and services, the Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education operates as a multifunctional office serving students and alumni as they make career decisions, develop job search strategies, pursue experiential education opportunities and secure employment. For more information, visit the Career Services website.

Job Listings

Listings of both full-time and part-time off-campus employment opportunities are posted on JobConnect.

Job Preparedness

Presentations and programs cover such topics as resume preparation, interview techniques, career forecasts and job search strategies.

Campus Student Employment Program

Eligible students are referred to departments on campus for employment during the summer and academic year. Off-campus community placements are also available.

Cooperative Education/Internship Programs

Cooperative education and internships are available in many academic programs at County College of Morris and enable students to integrate classroom instruction with practical experience. For more information, visit the Cooperative Education/Internships website.

Individual Counseling

Students and alumni may request one-on-one counseling with regard to employment concerns and job search strategies.

Internet Resource Center

Students and alumni are afforded computer access to web-based job search tools and resources including, but not limited to, Optimal Resume, Optimal Interview, FOCUS, and JobConnect.