Restricted and Capped Enrollment

Placement into certain degree or certificate programs may be restricted if interest exceeds the number that can be enrolled at a particular time. Where enrollment in a curriculum is limited, priority will be given to Morris County residents.

Admission to the following specialized programs is subject to additional criteria and restrictions. The college reserves the right to identify other academic programs that may require restricted or capped enrollments in the future.

Nursing, Radiography, Respiratory Therapy

Admission criteria, technical standards, and grade requirements for Nursing and Allied Health are described in brochures available in the Office of Admissions or in the Department of Nursing and Department of Allied Health. All prospective Nursing and Allied Health students must meet technical standards.

Technical standards are the minimum fundamental abilities that are necessary to perform the activities requisite to obtaining credit for education and subsequent entry-level employment in the nursing and allied health professions.

Internal or transfer credits for science courses over seven years old will not be accepted. If they exceed the seven-year limit, students can prove competency by testing or they must repeat the course. All science grades must be a C or higher. Please be aware that multiple grades of a D or lower in science courses prior to obtaining a passing grade will affect the student’s chances of getting a seat in the professional (clinical) phase.

Students need to be aware that due to the competitive nature of these programs, obtaining a seat in the professional (clinical) phase is based on the number of factors, including courses completed at County College of Morris, the grades earned, the overall grade point average at the time the Intent Form is filed, and a clean Criminal History Background Check. Morris County, New Jersey residents who successfully meet the criteria will be given preferential consideration. Admission into the professional (clinical) phase is not guaranteed.