State-Issued High School Diploma

Thirty (30) College Credit Program

(For a State-Issued High School Diploma)

The New Jersey State Department of Education affords individuals the opportunity to earn a state-issued high school diploma by completing 30 college credits at a county college. Program requirements and enrollment procedures are available through the New Jersey Department of Education at its Adult Education website, by calling 609-777-1050, or emailing  Suggestion: on the left side of the website, click on the Pathways to a High School Diploma link to access this program's application and details.

CCM Admissions Enrollment Procedures

To earn the state-issued diploma through courses at County College of Morris (CCM), students may attend on a non-matriculated, non-degree basis, part-time or full-time. Once the diploma is acquired through the New Jersey State Department of Education, students may change their CCM status to matriculated, degree-seeking. Counselors will be available to help students understand how the 30 college credits may apply to an associate degree. Please note that non-matriculated students are not eligible for financial aid.  The state-issued high school diploma is identical in appearance with the GED certificate, and an interview is required with a CCM admissions counselor.

Kindly submit to the Admissions Office a completed CCM Admissions Application, including the non-refundable application fee; be sure to indicate that you are not applying for an associate degree at this time. 

Shortly thereafter, students will receive a letter from the Admissions Office with instructions about taking the Accuplacer placement test, a registration requirement for English, mathematics and most science courses. Individuals with learning disabilities who may be eligible for testing accommodations should contact Assessibility Services at 973-328-5284. The Admissions Office staff will gladly help with any questions. The telephone number is 973-328-5100.