English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESL)


The ESL program is designed for students whose native language is not English but who already have some fundamental knowledge of the language as determined by a placement examination. The curriculum provides students with the academic English skills and cultural knowledge needed for college studies. Upon successful completion of the program, students go into the appropriate course in the English department to fulfill the Communication requirement of their major. Students are not permitted to enroll in other courses in their major until they successfully complete Level II.  For more details, consult the chart below, or visit the Languages and ESL Department webpage. The ESL program is not currently a certificate or degree program.

Level I
ESL-010ESL Reading IN4
ESL-017ESL Writing IN8
ESL-021Conversational EnglishN3
Level II
ESL-019ESL Reading IIN4
ESL-020ESL Writing IIN8
ESL-022Advanced Conversational EnglishN3
Level III
ESL-033Writing IIIN6
ESL-040ESL Writing Review 1N1