Mission and Values Statement

Mission Statement

The County College of Morris mission is to deliver dynamic, challenging, high-quality, and accessible academic programs and services that support the individual’s quest for lifelong learning and professional development.

Values Statement

Commitment to the Academic Mission of the College

Our first commitment is to the academic mission of the college. It entails the search for truth and respect for scholarship and learning. We maintain a campus environment where students and faculty are free to explore ideas, are committed to honesty and fairness, encouraged to take risks and succeed to the best of their abilities. Our commitment is to the education of the whole person and to excellence in teaching in all of our academic programs.

Commitment to Honesty and Integrity

We are committed to honesty and integrity in all that we do. We value academic honesty in the search for truth. We are committed to integrity in maintaining our fiduciary responsibility and financial soundness.

Commitment to Accessibility

We provide access to our programs and services to all who may benefit from them regardless of their financial, academic, educational or physical challenges.

Commitment to Diversity

We maintain an environment that values diversity and respects individual differences. We respect the dignity of every person and will not tolerate behavior that infringes upon individual rights.

Commitment to People

We maintain a secure and comfortable working and learning community. This community is responsive to the needs and expectations of students and employees. We treat them fairly, encourage individual development, recognize accomplishments, promote open communications and empower them to improve the processes for which they are responsible.

Commitment to Community

We are also committed to the community at large. We gladly accept our responsibility as good neighbors and willingly apply our talents and skills to the issues and concerns of the community. We pursue partnerships with educational, cultural, professional, business and governmental entities. These endeavors enable members of the community to engage in an interchange that enhances their lives as well as the life of the college.