Business Skills

Financial accounting is important for all companies, regardless of their size. Small businesses sometimes lack the capacity to keep up with records of billing and expenses, and get behind with record keeping. Through our Business Skills courses at the Center for Workforce Development at CCM, businesses can learn to record transactions thoroughly and systematically. This is important for establishing a record of a company's financial health, which becomes critical when applying for loans or establishing a working relationship with other businesses. 

In Accounting Fundamentals you will learn the basics of recording financial data, and in QuickBooks you will learn how this popular accounting software can help you keep up, manage your inventory, bills and expenses and get organized for tax time. Both classes will give you the tools to analyze your company's transactions so that you can move forward and make sound financial decisions.

Course CodeCourse TitleCEUs
BDT-124EAccounting Fundamentals1.5

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Accounting Fundamentals

PREREQUISITE: Familiarity with personal computers. Students should have a personal computer with Windows 10 and will receive CCM student credentials in order to access MS Excel if needed. Handle your finances with proficiency after taking this course. Discover the basics of double entry bookkeeping, as well as how to analyze and record financial transactions. Get hands-on experience handling accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll procedures, sales taxes and various common banking activities. This course is a prerequisite for QuickBooks. During a one-hour orientation, in advance of the course work, students will receive information on the class structured, use of Excel and how to access MS Excel if a student does not have the application available. BDT-124E.

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PREREQUISITE: Accounting Fundamentals or a minimum of one-year work related bookkeeping or accounting experience.Students need to have a personal computer with Windows 10 and will receive CCM student credentials in order to access the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks is a popular and commonly used accounting software package for small-to-medium sized businesses. Students will learn to create purchase orders, track sales and expenses, produce and manage invoices and monitor financial records. The course will help you prepare for the QuickBooks certification exam. This course uses QuickBooks 2021, emphasizing the cloud version, with an introduction to the QuickBooks desktop version. Students who register for this class, and do not have the prerequisite knowledge, will be limited in their ability to part. BDT-146E.