Degree Choices

Degree Programs

County College of Morris (CCM) offers four degrees: the Associate of Arts, the Associate of Fine Arts, the Associate of Science and the Associate of Applied Science. These degrees are offered in several specialized fields.

The Associate of Arts degree (A.A.) is a university-parallel program designed specifically for students who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university after graduating or for those who desire to complete a two-year degree program in liberal education.

The Associate of Fine Arts degree (AFA) focuses on developing an understanding of the specific arts disciplines of either design, dance, drama or visual arts through the intensive study of technique, history, theory and hands-on approaches in studio work and/or performance. The Associate in Fine Arts degree is designed to provide students with the knowledge necessary to achieve seamless articulation in a Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

The Associate of Science degree (A.S.) is awarded to those who have successfully completed programs intended as pre-baccalaureate in such areas as biology, business administration, criminal justice, engineering, mathematics, public administration and science.

The Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS) is a specialized career-focused degree program that prepares students for entry into the job market. Articulation agreements with select colleges and universities provide transfer opportunities for some AAS degrees.

Dual Degree

To earn a dual degree, one program is selected as the primary degree and another as the secondary degree. All requirements for both degrees must be completed with at least a 2.0 grade point average. Comparable courses from the primary degree may be used to meet the requirements of the secondary degree, but a minimum of 21 separate, additional CCM credits must be earned in the secondary degree. Since all requirements for both degrees must be met, more than 21 credits may be necessary in cases where the two degrees do not have many common, shared courses. A student will not be permitted to apply for a dual degree in Nursing and Allied Health. For more information, contact the Office of Records and Registration.

Certificate Programs

CCM offers a number of college-credit programs of varying lengths that lead to certificates. The programs are designed to meet the needs of individuals for self-development, occupational advancement or career transitioning. Students who follow a career ladder from certificate to degree expand their programs to include more general education requirements. Each program is specifically designed to apply the appropriate credits earned in certificate courses toward meeting the degree course requirements. In addition, the college also offers a wide range of non-credit certificate and certification programs.