Rights, Rules, Regulations and Policies

The Right to Function

County College of Morris, as a publicly supported institution of higher learning, has an obligation to provide educational opportunity to the total community which supports it. It is the right of the public to expect, and the responsibility of the college to ensure, that this opportunity is maintained free from interference or disruption by persons who seek to impose upon the college, through force, their own points of view, special interests or demands.

The college can neither condone nor tolerate any forcible activity which disrupts, obstructs or interrupts the facilities or operation of the college, and persons participating in such activity will be subject to dismissal from the college and to applicable civil or criminal penalties.

While the college is unswerving in its determination to prevent forcible disruption of its operation, it will guard with equal determination the preservation of academic freedom on the campus and the rights and freedoms of its constituent members as provided by law to all citizens. Reference here is to the right of peaceful protest, the right of non-obstructive demonstration, the right to be heard and the right to receive consideration by the college on issues of concern.

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