Distance Education

Distance Education

Distance education is a convenient and flexible way to take courses for college credit. Students can take classes to earn a degree or explore personal interests. We have several types of distance education classes: online, hybrid and virtual campus. Since these are fully credited college classes, you must be admitted to the college to take any of these courses. Registration for these classes follows the same procedures and deadlines as traditional on-campus courses. Students should be comfortable with basic computer programs and concepts such as, but not limited to, email and attachments of files. For more information regarding these exciting learning opportunities for college credit, please consult the Distance Education website at www.ccm.edu/vclassrooms or call 973-328-5332.

Online Courses (ONL)

A course where all instruction traditionally provided in class is replaced with instruction online. However, an online course may require an in-person student orientation and/or proctored test/assignments.

Hybrid (HYB)

Instruction is provided both in-class and online (in any combination).   Face-to-face meeting may include lectures, group work, presentations etc.  Students in hybrid courses should log into Blackboard on the first day of the term and not wait until the first on campus meeting.

Virtual Campus (VIR)

Fully online courses, certificates, or programs designed to provide students quality distance education consistent with the Virtual Campus’ mission statement.  There is no on campus requirement. Please see vclearning@ccm.edu for additional information.