Tutoring Center: Math, Writing and Science

The Tutoring Center is located in DeMare Hall, Room DH -156 and it is home to the Math, Writing and Science Centers. The Center provides FREE academic support in a variety of subjects within these disciplines, as well as other subjects. Tutoring is available one-on-one appointments, walk-ins (math and writing - check center for schedule) and group tutoring. Services include:

  • Assistance with writing assignments and mechanics of writing in any subject  – Faculty tutors

  • Assistance with various math and science course assignments/problems – Faculty and peer tutors

  • ESL tutoring

  • Assistance with referrals for tutoring in other subjects (i.e. accounting, economics, criminal justice, and/or others)

  • Academic workshops

  • Quiet place to study and computer access to complete assignments

To make a tutoring appointment for each area (Math, Writing & Science), click the following link - http://www.ccm.edu/academics/academic-support-services/tutoring-center/.