Tutoring Center: Math, Writing and Science

The Tutoring Center located in DeMare Hall, Room DH -156, includes:

  • Math Center
  • Writing Center (includes ESL Tutoring)
  • Science Center
  • Peer Tutoring

The Tutoring Center is the focal point for free assistance in understanding current course studies.The individual areas are staffed by faculty or a combination of faculty and student tutors. All student tutors have earned an A or B in the course they are tutoring and have been recommended for the position by two faculty members.

The Tutoring Center offers individual and group tutoring, along with the availability of computers, software and materials such as microscopes, bones and other necessary study tools. An online appointment system is available for your scheduling convenience at home or in the center. In some cases, the center is able to accommodate walk-ins.

Math Center

The Math Center, staffed by faculty and peer tutors, offers free tutorial assistance and workshops to enhance student learning in mathematics, physics and engineering. These services are offered through individual and group appointments or on a drop-in basis. They are not intended for last-minute cramming in preparation for examinations. Computer assisted software such as Derive5, Minitab and MATLAB are additional helpful resources.

Writing Center and ESL Tutoring

The Writing Center helps students improve their writing skills. Assistance is available through instruction by faculty tutors and computer software. All of the writing tutors are members of the Department of English. Tutors diagnose writing problems, provide instruction in theory and offer practice for writing improvement.In addition, tutoring for ESL writing courses is provided by ESL faculty.

Science Center

The Science  Center offers tutorial assistance, group workshops and materials such as microscope slides, bones and other specimens, and computer software for study in biology and chemistry courses. Tutors are full-time biology and chemistry faculty and peer tutors who offer free assistance to students enrolled in science courses.

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring is available for students who need additional help with their courses. Students who earn an A or a B in a course and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible to tutor. The center conducts training sessions for peer tutoring covering areas in history, sociology, psychology, economics and foreign languages.