Programs for High School Students

At County College of Morris (CCM), we offer two distinct programs for high school students: the Challenger Program and the Thirty (30) College Credit Program for a State-Issued High School Diploma.

The Challenger Program provides currently enrolled high school students with the opportunity to enrich their education through college courses at CCM.  Please refer to the Challenger Program link on the Admissions web page to access the brochure containing the procedures, application, and registration form.  Brochures are also available in most high school guidance offices and the CCM Admissions Office.  Please note that Challenger students may only use paper applications and registration forms as there is not an online provision.

The Thirty (30) College Credit Program provides students who have withdrawn from high school with the opportunity to earn a state-issued high school diploma from the New Jersey Department of Education by completing thirty (30) college credits at a community college, e.g., CCM.  More information can be found on the Admissions web page; see the Thirty College Credit link.