Readmitted Students

Any student who was previously enrolled at the college and withdrew in good standing is eligible to re-enroll. To do so, the student must submit a Request to Re-Enroll form to the Office of Records and Registration, Student Community Center, Room 220. This form will help to ensure that your information is up to date including your address and program of study. The form can be found on the Records and Registration web page or at the Office of Records and Registration

 Students requesting reinstatement to the Nursing and Allied Health programs will be readmitted only on a space-available basis, depending upon academic and clinical performance determined by the Nursing or Allied Health faculty. Nursing students can only be reinstated into a clinical nursing course one time, and Respiratory Therapy students can only be reinstated into the professional phase one time. Students who meet the criteria for reinstatement and have been denied a seat multiple times due to space availability will be given preferential consideration in the current reinstatement process. 

Students who are academically dismissed are not eligible to apply to re-enroll until either one semester or one year has elapsed depending on the terms of the dismissal. Once the term of dismissal has been satisfied, students should contact the Office of Counseling and Student Success, Student Community Center, Room 118, to request to re-enroll after dismissal. All re-enrolled, academically dismissed students will return on academic probation.