Data Visualization

For the past four years, has rated Data Scientist as the ‘Best Job in America.’ Data science allows companies to make data driven decisions to improve the performance of the organization. Companies are adopting a culture where data drives decisions in marketing, sales, finance and purchasing. Through a progression of courses at CCM, you can earn a Certificate in Data Visualization.

Data Visualization Certificate Program

The CCM Certificate in Data Visualization provides participants with an understanding of a visualization tool which presents large amounts of complex data in an easy to understand format. Visual context such as charts and graphs make it easy to identify correlations, patterns, trends or areas needing improvement. By taking all four courses, individuals will be prepared to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exam. To obtain your data visualization certificate, you must take all of the following courses:

Course CodeCourse TitleCEUs
CPC-625Tableau I0.6
CPC-626Tableau II0.6
CPC-627Tableau III0.6
CPC-628Tableau IV0.6

To register, go to and click on "Continuing Education (Non-Credit)." Have your credit card, social security number, and 5-digit Course Code number ready. 

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Tableau I

The first session in CCM's four-part series introduces Tableau. Learn basic Tableau fundamentals, as well as connecting and preparing data, exploring data and managing, sorting and grouping data. CPC-625.

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Tableau II

This course picks up where Tableau I leaves off, and includes saving and sharing, filtering data, custom visualizations and creating maps, dashboards and stories. CPC-626.

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Tableau III

Students will move beyond fundamentals to perform advanced data visualization. Blend data to visualize relationships, join data, access data in pdfs and refine your visualizations with sets and parameters. CPC-627.

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Tableau IV

Complete the CCM Tableau series and earn your Data Visualization Certificate as you conclude with manipulating data with calculations, visualizing data with advanced calculations, performing statistical analysis and forecasting, and learning to enrich visualizations, dashboards and maps. CPC-628.