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Human Resources Continuing Education Seminars and Workshops

Earn SHRM continuing education units while gaining knowledge that will advance your business and your career.  These seminars are designed for HR professionals, hiring managers and business managers who want to effectively use your staffing and human capital to drive business growth.

Each semester we offer a series of seminars and workshops on relevant topics to the field.  Typically seminars are 2-3 hours earning 0.2-0.3 CEUs and workshops may b up to 8 hours earning 0.8 CEUs.  See our current schedule for current offerings  and details by going to

Certificate in Human Resources Professional - Generalist

Meets 2013 SHRM standards

Information Session: Careers in Human Resources

Where to find employers, salaries, training that is needed, how to get started. 
Pre-registration is not required.

Program Description

Need a “career jump”? Are you thinking about a job change? Think your schedule is too busy for school? Enroll in the newly-designed Human Resources Certificate at CCM to revitalize or begin a career in a dynamic profession. Complete the training needed to become a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) from the Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM).

Employers hire HR Professionals with current knowledge of legislation, business acumen, and a solid understanding of their field. CCM programs are highly regarded. Enroll in the HR Certificate Program and gain the credibility to grow your career.

The HR Professional-Generalist Certificate is a comprehensive program that is spread among five modules and includes federal and state regulations vital for HR Professionals to understand. Attend all five modules and receive a comprehensive certificate. Content has been enhanced and updated based on the 2013 SHRM’s State of Human Resource Education Study in cooperation with the American Institutes for Research.

Conveniently scheduled classes meet one evening per week.  Class size is limited.  Register today to reserve a seat and change your future today!


This program will be taught at CCM's Morristown Campus - 30 Schuyler Place - 2nd Floor, Morristown. Parking is available on the street and in the parking garage below the building accessed from Bank St and Schuyler Place.  Ask about validating your parking ticket for free garage parking.

Topics and core competencies are based on SHRM Human Resource Curriculum: An Integrated Approach to HR Education.  A field trip to one SHRM local chapter meeting will be required.


Course CodeCourse TitleCEUs
CHR-117Total Rewards: Compensation & Benefits
CHR-119Training & Staff Development0
CHR-121HR Management and Staffing0
CHR-122Employment Law0
CHR-123Strategic HR Management & Capstone Project

To register, go to and click on "Continuing Education (Non-Credit)." Have your credit card, social security number, and 5 digit Course Code number ready.


You do not need to enroll in the certificate program to benefit from these courses. Upon completion of all five modules, you are awarded the Certificate of Completion in Human Resources by the college. See “Certificates and Transcripts.”

Required Text

For required text book information, go to and click on “Textbook Lookup." Students must obtain the text on their own and have it for the first day of class.  Books may not be stocked by the CCM bookstore; instead they may be available at retail outlets.

Judy Treibman, MBA, SPHR, CCP Lead HR Instructor

Judy began teaching the HR Certificate program in 2013.  She completely revised the program to meet SHRM 2013 standards.  Judy has been working in the HR field for more than a 2 Decades.  She is currently HR Generalist for SOS Security, LLC.

Rebecca Adams, BA, SHRP, CPP Instructor

Kenneth Sterzer, MBA, SHRP, CPP Instructor

"Having worked for many years in small family run businesses, I needed to gain knowledge of the regulatory/employment challenges and responsibilities faced by corporations in today’s highly regulated US business environment.  Professor Treibman has taken us down the rabbit hole for a most interesting and instructive tour of this brave new world, bringing us safely up and out again with tools, links, resources, literature, and has set us on a path to increasing our ability to progress and grow in this exciting field.  Her approach, her focus on practical real-world pitfalls and applications, and her inviting humor and enthusiasm make each evening a joy to attend.  I highly recommend that anyone planning a career in any field or area of business take these courses with Professor Treibman as well."  - Robert Koetzner, 2015-2016 Certificate Program

"CCM's HR Certificate Program proved to be a well-worth investment as it allowed me the opportunity to pursue a career in the HR field and provided the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful from day one of my new job." - Natalie Palacio, 2013-14 HR Certificate Program

"Natalie is already proving to be a great addition to our team and really understands the core concepts of HR related matters.  Due to her classroom training with your program, she is that much more prepared for the real world and ready to hit the ground running!" - Kristi Telschow, President & CEO of Jersey Staffing Solutions, LLC, Natalie's manager

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Total Rewards: Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefits are primary factors in recruiting and retaining top talent, key to a company's competitiveness. HR develops packages for executives and compensation and benefits levels for employees that are internally and externally equitable and that fit the company's needs. Major topics: - Salary grading and banding using a market-based strategy - Management of company paid benefits: medical, dental and other benefits - ERISA and other regulatory issues pertaining to benefits - Other rewards: paid time off, flexible schedules CHR-117.

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Training & Staff Development

Continuous learning is essential to a productive and efficient workforce. HR delivers corporate training to employees based on business objectives. - Define core competencies - Conduct a needs assessment - Design and deliver training programs - Link career development and performance management to training CHR-119.

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HR Management and Staffing

People are the most valuable asset to any organization. Learn how to identify and implement recruiting and retention programs to impact productivity and profitability. Students will use measurement tools to assess HR effectiveness. The class will attend a Society of Human Resources chapter meeting (Sussex-Warren) as a field trip. Topics will include: Trends in HR Management and the contemporary role of HR in the large and small organization Developing recruiting and retention strategies and practices Managing a diverse workforce and a global workforce Evaluating HR performance/effectiveness with metrics CHR-121.

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Employment Law

Professionals provide training to managers and employees on compliance issues and develop and implement policies, practices, and procedures. Students will learn about relevant legislation such as: Employment at will/wrongful discharge, NJ State and local legislation, OSHA, FLSA, ERISA, FMLA, NLRA, WARN, COBRA, HIPAA, and EEO. CHR-122.

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Strategic HR Management & Capstone Project

In order to be an active partner in the strategic management of a company, HR must understand the business climate and the competition. HR translates corporate goals (both short and long-term) to the department and individual level. HR reduces or mitigates risk to the company. Students will work in groups on a project of choice and will identify and report on solutions drawing from multiple areas of HR. - SWOT Analysis - Health, safety, and security risks - Workforce changes including mergers/acquisitions, reductions in workforce CHR-123.