Academic Advisement

All full and part-time matriculating students are assigned to academic advisors (full-time faculty) within the department of the major they are pursuing.  In addition to their faculty advisor/s, first-year students seeking a degree or certificate are assigned to a Student Success Specialist in The Academic Success Center (TASC) for academic advisement and educational support.  Non-matriculating (including visiting) students are also assigned to a Student Success Specialist in TASC for academic advisement.  Faculty advisors and Student Success Specialists work together to assist students with a variety of activities such as selecting courses, reviewing curriculum requirements, changing majors, discussing plans to transfer and/or setting career goals. All advisors are available throughout the semester to engage in conversations to help students meet their educational goals and objectives.

Each week during the semester, faculty advisors hold regularly scheduled office hours to meet with students. Student Success Specialists are available throughout the week to meet virtually or in person with their student cohorts.  Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors at least once prior to the beginning of each semester to plan their curriculum requirements so they may graduate in a timely manner.  All actively registered students should access their Student Planning account from Titans Direct to see the name of their assigned advisor/s.  Students can communicate with their advisors to have their courses approved using Student Planning.

Questions regarding advisor/advisee assignments should be directed to the Coordinator of Academic Advisement and Student Success in Cohen Hall, Room 203, 973-328-5530. The advisement link on the CCM website  is also an excellent source of information for prospective and current students.