Education (EDU)


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EDU-111. Teaching in America. 3 Credits.

LECT 3 hrs
This course presents the historical and philosophical foundations of American education and how they relate to contemporary issues facing teachers in America today. The goal is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the development of the teaching profession including both its roots and modern-day direction. The course offers theoretical and practical learning experiences including 20 hours of field experiences in public schools.
Prerequisites: Permission of department chair
Corequisites: PSY-113.

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EDU-211. Behavior Observation in Education. 3 Credits.

LECT 3 hrs
This course uses weekly seminars and 30 hours of field experience in public schools to integrate theory and classroom observations in order for prospective teachers to understand curriculum development and instructional methods. Aspiring teachers learn how to use descriptive research methods to gain insight into the instructional needs of learners by observing them in their natural classroom settings. Armed with this experiential knowledge, students will use the seminar to report and discuss their observed findings, as well as relate this practical information to the theories of curriculum development and instructional strategies.
Prerequisites: EDU-111, PSY-113 and permission of department chair or advisor (via petition). Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
Corequisites: PSY-217.