Tuition (As of Summer 2023)

  In County Residency Out-of-County Residency Out-of-State Residency
Tuition $164.00 $164.00 $164.00
Differential Fee $.00 +144.00 +270.00
College Fee +29.00 +29.00 +29.00
Cost/Credit $193.00 $337.00 $463.00

Note: Senior citizens, defined as persons 65 or older, may enroll for credit and non-credit courses at a reduced rate. Senior citizens who live in the county pay $53 per credit fee hour. Those who live outside the county pay the $53 per credit fee hour plus the additional out-of-county differential. Rates apply to courses which have sufficient tuition-paid enrollment to warrant their being conducted.

Seniors will not be charged Admission Fees and College Fees. However, seniors will be charged all other fees. This senior citizen tuition waiver is in accordance with NJS 18A:62-3.

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