Official Withdrawal from the College

If a student is withdrawing from the college they must complete a withdrawal form and meet with a counselor at the Counseling and Wellness Center. A Withdrawal Form can be downloaded from the Records and Registration web page. The withdrawal will be effective as of the date the student submits in writing or emails the request to withdraw via their CCM student email address.

Students who wish to officially withdraw from one or more of their courses must complete a withdrawal form and submit it to by the withdrawal deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.

If a student drops their classes during the refund period (check Important Financial Dates on the Bursar's web page) no courses or grades will be included on the student’s transcript. If a student withdraws after the refund period and before 75 percent of the term ends (check the Academic Calendar), the student will receive withdrawal designations (W's) on their academic transcript.

After 75 percent of the semester is completed and the Withdrawal Deadline Passes - Students are committed to complete the courses and receive grades. A student who does not officially withdraw and follow the guidelines as stated on the Records and Registration Withdrawing from Courses web page will receive a grade of F. The W designation will not be issued after 75 percent of the course is completed unless extenuating circumstances prevail and the late withdrawal is authorized by  the Counseling and Wellness Center. Documentation regarding the circumstances for a late withdrawal should accompany the late withdrawal request.

After the Semester Ends - Any late withdrawal requests should be submitted to the Dean of Students with documentation regarding the circumstances for the late withdrawal request.