Examination Credit

All matriculated students will be assessed for placement into college-level English and Math courses. A variety of measures are used to place students including a review of high school transcripts, standardized test scores, or placement tests administered by the College.  The results of these assessments are used to determine the proper placement of students in academic courses. Additionally, some students are required to complete a technology literacy test.

Requirements to be Exempt from Developmental Education Courses: 

The following students are exempt from the placement test(s) at CCM upon presentation of appropriate documentation to the Admissions Office. Test scores older than seven (7) years are not considered valid.

  1. Students who have taken SATs and have earned scores of:
    • SAT = 590 Evidence-based Reading and Writing or 560 Math*
    • Old SAT (Prior to March 2017) = 540 Critical Reading or 530 Math*
  2.  Students who have taken ACTs and have earned scores of 23 for English or 23 for Mathematics*.
  3. Students who have taken the NJSLA or PARCC Test and scored 4 or 5 on the Algebra II or 4 or 5 on the Grade 11 English Language Arts and Literacy exams*.
  4. Students who have satisfied English or mathematics college-level course placement as a result of a review of high school courses, grades, and cumulative grade point average.
  5. Students who have earned college credit in appropriate English or mathematics courses from a regionally accredited college or university may be exempt from placement testing.
  6. Students who have passed the appropriate remedial coursework at another college or university.

*All students who are exempt from the Math section of the placement test should sit for CCM's College Level Math (CLM) exam. The CLM exam will allow the student to test directly into college-level Pre-Calculus or Calculus without having college algebra and/or college-level pre-calculus courses.  Students who apply for STEM programs and are exempt from the Math section of the placement test are required to take the CLM exam.

Developmental Education Requirements

If the academic assessment or placement test results indicate that specific basic skills are lacking, the college reserves the right to require students to take non-credit remedial/developmental courses in writing and basic and/or intermediate algebra.

Students whose test results indicate an inability to benefit from college-level work will be offered counseling and additional testing to determine proper placement. Placement may include alternative educational opportunities in lieu of admission to the college as a matriculated student.

Pre-college age students are not permitted to take any remedial/developmental courses at CCM.

Basic Musicianship Test

All students who intend to register for performance courses in the Music and Music Technology programs are required to take the Basic Musicianship Test prior to registration for Music Theory.

College Level Mathematics (CLM) Test

Students who intend to register for courses in computer science, engineering, physics, mathematics, biology or chemistry may be required to take the College Level Mathematics (CLM) test prior to registration to determine placement in higher-level mathematics.

Technology Literacy Competency Exam

All students will be required to take the Technology Literacy Competency exam at the same time they take the placement test(s). Students who do not pass the exam must take a 1-3 credit designated course in technology recommended through their respective programs.

Students with Disabilities

Students who identify themselves as having a disability may request testing accommodations by submitting the appropriate documentation to the Office of Accessibility Services.

Advanced Placement Credit

High school students who score at an acceptable level on the Advanced Placement Examination may earn course credit or advanced placement in County College of Morris courses. To receive advanced placement credit, students must present to the Admissions Office an official record of their Advanced Placement Examination scores of three, four or five from the College Board.  Information regarding what Advanced Placement Examination results will be accepted, based on the score, can be obtained at the following link:


The number of advanced placement credits will be determined by the appropriate department chair.

Credit for Prior Learning

County College of Morris (CCM) grants credit for prior learning for certain college-level knowledge acquired through traditional college-level education as well as non-traditional education.

Non-traditional education may be acquired through experiences such as independent study, and professional and/or job-related experiences.

This credit may be granted:

  1. For certain specialized courses at CCM, successfully passing a departmental evaluation of the type, content, and rigor as determined by each academic department. This could include a portfolio or performance assessment. Students should contact the appropriate academic department for specific information.
  2. For non-collegiate military training courses accredited under the American Council on Education Military Guide, as verified by the Office of Records and Registration, and with the final evaluation and approval of the appropriate academic department.
  3. For non-collegiate corporate training courses accredited by the American Council on Education, as verified by the Office of Records and Registration, and with the final evaluation and approval of the appropriate academic department.

Applicants should consult the Credit for Learning Policy available through the Office of Records and Registration for more details.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students who have acquired knowledge through life experiences may earn college credit without enrolling in certain courses. To determine a student’s level of knowledge in a particular subject, the college administers College Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject examinations or a Portfolio Assessment (through the appropriate academic department).

With departmental approval in certain disciplines, department examinations may be administered. Students who register for a course and withdraw before the end of the second week of classes are eligible to take the applicable CLEP examination during that semester. Please contact the Testing Center for more information.