Student Classifications

When applying to the college, it is important to understand the various student classifications.

Visiting Students

Students who are not under disqualification from any college or university may enroll in the summer sessions or on a space available basis in the regular semester as a visiting student. A certificate of good standing and approval of transfer credit by the student’s institution may be requested.

Senior Citizens

Students who are over the age of 65 must provide proof of date of birth (e.g., driver’s license, passport, birth certificate) to be eligible for the reduced tuition rate. The admissions application fee is also waived for seniors.

Veteran Students

Eligible veterans, dependents and reservists may apply to receive educational assistance from the Veterans Administration (VA) while enrolled at County College of Morris (CCM). To qualify for VA benefits, students must matriculate into an approved degree or certificate program and remain in good academic standing.

Please note that Veterans Administration education benefits are not payable for courses previously completed. Therefore, student-veterans who declare academic bankruptcy upon reentry into the college are advised that VA benefits will not be invoiced for courses that received passing grades during the initial attendance period. For further information contact the school certifying officer in The Academic Success Center, Cohen Hall Rm. 203 or at 973.328.5530.

Students in Good Standing

Students in good standing are those who have favorable academic and social records at County College of Morris (CCM). Students who previously enrolled at CCM and who withdrew in good standing are eligible to re-enroll through the Office of Records and Registration. Students who were previously non-matriculated and who wish to matriculate must apply through the Office of Records and Registration.

Academically Dismissed Students

Students who are academically dismissed are those who do not have a favorable academic record and were asked to leave the college for a period of time. These students are not eligible to re-enroll until either one semester or one year has elapsed depending on the terms of the dismissal. Once the terms of dismissal have been satisfied, students should contact the Center for Student Well-Being to request to return after dismissal. All re-enrolled, academically dismissed students will return on academic probation.