Honors Study

County College of Morris offers both full- and part-time students the opportunity to take Honors or Honors Option courses, and/or earn Honors designation on their transcript. Honors and Honors Option courses are designed to help exemplary students develop their special talents and enjoy an intensive and stimulating learning atmosphere. Honors classes offer smaller class sizes in which all students enrolled are Honors students, while Honors Option offers those who excel in the core courses of their major or specific subjects an opportunity to achieve a higher level of competence in a regular section of a class. In addition to the standard assignments, students will complete an Honors project that relates to the course objectives, and they work closely with the professor to complete the assignment. Those who qualify may take as many Honors courses as desired. Please note that the courses offered vary per semester.

Honors study provides exceptional students with unique study and learning opportunities to prepare them for highly specialized fields of work or transfer to the best colleges and universities in the United States. Honors students meet regularly with the Honors co-directors and become part of a small community of scholars engaged in sophisticated levels of inquiry. Special recognition of Honors study is indicated on student transcripts and at graduation. To earn Honors designation on their transcript, students enrolled in Associate in Applied Science programs must complete 16 credits of Honors courses. Students enrolled in Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, and Associate in Science programs must complete 18 credits.

Students can qualify for Honors directly from high school or while enrolled at the college. Admission from high school requires an SAT score of at least 1240 or ACT 26. Currently enrolled students at the college must have a 3.3 or higher GPA or the recommendation of a professor for admission to a specific Honors course and formal permission of the Honors co-directors. Any student who does not fulfill these requirements but still wishes to take honors courses should speak with the honors co-directors.

For complete details about Honors please contact Professor Iden at 973-328-5649 Email: miden@ccm.edu or Professor Gigliotti at 973-328-5370 Email: sgigliotti@ccm.edu.


Please review the CCM Honors Website for up-to-date course schedules and the specific section numbers participating as Honors. 

Art and Design Honors Option
ART-114Contemporary Art3
DSN-165Drawing for Designers3
Biology Honors Option
BIO-121General Biology I4
BIO-122General Biology II4
BIO-127Biology of Environmental Concerns4
BIO-132Concepts in Biology4
Chemistry Honors Option
CHM-233Organic Chemistry II - Lecture (Chemistry)3
Communication Honors and Honors Option
COM-109Speech Fundamentals3
Communication Honors Option
COM-111Introduction to Journalism3
COM-209Editing and Publication Design3
COM-214Sports Communication and Culture3
COM-234Introduction to Film3
English Honors
ENG-131English Composition I Honors3
ENG-132English Composition II Honors3
English Honors Option
ENG-119Introduction to Poetry3
History Honors
HIS-184Early Modern Europe - Honors3
HIS-185Modern Europe - Honors3
History Honors and Honors Option
HIS-166Emergence of America - U.S. History I3
HIS-167Twentieth Century American History - U.S. History II3
History Honors Option
HIS-113Early Modern Europe3
HIS-114Modern Europe3
HIS-118The Middle Ages3
HIS-203History of Minorities in U.S.3
Human Services Honors Option
HMS-215Introduction to Social Welfare and Human Services3
Music Honors Option
MUS-163Rock History and Culture3
Philosophy Honors Option
PHL-111Introduction to Philosophy3
Psychology Honors
PSY-180General Psychology - Honors3
PSY-292Honors Abnormal Psychology3
Psychology Honors Option
PSY-113General Psychology3
PSY-214Adolescent Psychology3
PSY-224Abnormal Psychology3
Sociology Honors
SOC-180Principles of Sociology - Honors3
Sociology Honors Option
SOC-108Cultural Geography3
SOC-120Principles of Sociology3
SOC-214Cultural Diversity in America - the Sociology of Ethnic and Minority Groups3
SOC-215Physical Anthropology3
SOC-216Cultural Anthropology3
SOC-221Sociology of Gender3
SOC-224Social Psychology3
Spanish Honors Option
SPN-219Advanced Spanish Composition3