Business Administration (Transfer Program)

Associate in Science Degree

This program is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to earn a baccalaureate degree,  in an area of business administration, upon completing two additional years at a four-year institution. The curriculum prepares students for upper college-level specialization in finance, management, accounting or marketing.

Articulation Agreements

Students should check with the Transfer Office about articulation agreements with this program.

For more information, visit the Business Administration website.

A.S. Business Administration


General Education Foundation
English Composition I
English Composition II
Restricted Math Elective - Select Two of the Following6
College Algebra
Mathematical Analysis for Business and Economics
Calculus With Application to Business And Economics
Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
Statistics (OR)
Probability and Statistics
Laboratory Science Elective4
Social Science6
Principles of Economics I Macroeconomics
Principles of Economics II Microeconomics
History Elective
General Education Electives6
General Education Foundation Credits31
Business Core
ACC-111Principles of Accounting I - Financial Accounting3
ACC-112Principles of Accounting II - Managerial Accounting3
BUS-112Introduction to Business3
BUS-215Principles of Management3
BUS-119Business Information Systems and Applications3
MKT-113Principles of Marketing I3
Business Electives 19
Free Electives2
Business Core Credits29
Total Credits60

BUSINESS ELECTIVES:  Students may take any 3 credit course with an ACC, BUS, or MKT prefix (outside of the required Business Core courses) to meet the 9 credit Business Elective requirement.  Please note that some courses are offered every semester, while others are only offered once a year.  Please check Web Advisor for the schedule by term.

Students may also choose 6 credits of the 9 requirement from the following list: CMP-239  The Internet & Web Page Design     HOS-118 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry     MAT-118    Calculus for Business      MAT 114- Introduction to Data Science   MAT-131 Analytical Geometry Calculus         MAT-123  Pre-Calculus     CMP-128 Computer Science I   COM-111  Introduction of Journalism    COM-209 Editing and Publication Design PHL 118 Philosophy of Leadership  CMP 131 Fundamentals of Programming CMP 241 Database Programming CMP 262 Datascience Programming

NOTE: Students will not receive credit toward graduation for more than one of the following courses: (CMP-135 and CMP-126 and BUS-119.) OR  (BUS 135 and BUS 233) OR (MAT 124 and MAT 130) OR (BUS 242 and MKT 207). Students interested in obtaining a Small Business Management Certificate, Social Media Marketing and Communications Certificate, or Finance Certificate should consider using their Business electives to fulfill some of those requirements.

GENERAL EDUCATION ELECTIVES: Students should consult with an academic adviser or a Transfer counselor in choosing their general education electives. Please note some colleges require MAT 124 OR MAT 130, MAT 118, MAT 123 and/ or MAT 131. Please note some 4 year colleges require 6 credits of a foreign language as a graduation requirement for their Bachelor degrees.

FREE ELECTIVES: Students may take any (2) credit course that they have interest in, or would help them in their major. The Business department offers the following  2 credit courses: Internship - work experience (BUS 228) and Business Case Study Methodologies (BUS 200). The Communications department offers Professional Communications (COM 113). The college also offers 2 credit classes in Health & Wellness, Health & Exercise Science, Music and Dance.) Students can also choose to take any 3 credit course that the college offers, that they have not already taken. Since the program is 60 credits, these 2 credits may be met with two 4 credit math electives (e.g. MAT 123, MAT 130 or MAT 131.)


A Certificate of Achievement within Business Administration


The 12-credit Certificate of Achievement in Finance, offered through the Business Administration department, includes three required courses: Money and Banking, Principles of Finance and Investment Principles. It also includes one elective course. Please see curriculum checksheet.

The certificate in Finance takes a practical approach to the subject matter, providing broad exposure to the stock and bond markets, money and capital markets, financial management, financial planning and financial analysis while improving financial decision-making abilities. By gathering financial information and analyzing trends, students experience a practical hands-on approach to learning about finances.Students learn about the financial health of a firm, recognize the role and effects of money on the financial system, study investment alternatives offered in the securities market, analyze investment portfolios, learn how to effectively manage personal assets, and understand the role of the global marketplace in business and financial decisions. This combination provides a broad, comprehensive investigation of various aspects of the financial marketplace.

Core Courses9
Money and Banking
Principles of Finance
Investment Principles
Students must select 3 credits from the following:3
Personal Finance (OR)
Principles of International Business (OR)
Calculus With Application to Business And Economics (OR)
Precalculus (OR)
Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (OR)
Probability and Statistics II (OR)
Total Credits12

Foundations in Business

A Certificate of Achievement within Business Administration


A 12-credit certificate or achievement to provide non-business majors with an overview of major business concepts. This certificate will enable students to earn a credential, which will enhance their employability.Topics covered include analyzing accounting and financial data to assess the financial needs of the organization and methods used in market planning, pricing, promotion and distribution of goods and services.

BUS-112Introduction to Business3
MKT-113Principles of Marketing I3
BUS-119Business Information Systems and Applications (OR)3
Computer Technology and Applications
ACC-105Computerized Accounting (OR)3
Principles of Accounting I - Financial Accounting
Total Credits12

Small Business Management

A Certificate of Achievement within Business Administration


The Small Business Management Certificate of Achievement, offered through the Business Administration department, is a 12-credit certificate program that includes three required courses: Computerized  Accounting, Small Business Planning and Finance, and Small Business Operations. It also includes an elective course, either Customer Relations, Advertising or Sales Principles and Practices. The certificate provides a broad, comprehensive introduction and study of the essential components of starting and running a small business. It culminates in a capstone course, Small Business Operations that incorporates all aspects of the certificate’s learning. The Small Business Management Certificate takes a practical, hands-on approach to small business by providing an up-to-date foundation by exploring current planning, financing, accounting, advertising, customer relations and management concepts.

ACC-105Computerized Accounting3
BUS-219Small Business Operations3
MKT-113Principles of Marketing I3
Elective Courses3
Select one course from the following:
Customer Relations
Social Media Marketing
Sales Principles and Practices
Total Credits12

Social Media Marketing & Communications

A Certificate of Achievement


MKT-113Principles of Marketing I3
MKT-208Social Media Marketing3
MKT-210Social Media Analytics3
COM-111Introduction to Journalism3
COM-209Editing and Publication Design3

Social Media has greatly impacted marketing and media. It has dramatically impacted news organizations and how they have delivered the news. It has also greatly impacted how businesses and other organizations have promoted their products and services.  The use of Social Media for communications and promotions has greatly increased by organizations, including, of course, businesses and media outlets. This certificate will enable working professionals and students who want to develop their social media marketing skills. The 15-credit Certificate of Achievement in Social Media offered by the Business Administration and Communications programs includes 5 required courses. The  Marketing courses cover the development of a marketing plan and the use of social media in promoting goods and services. Communication courses cover content creation, including the use of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign.

ACC-105Computerized Accounting3
ACC-108Accounting for Hospitality3
ACC-111Principles of Accounting I - Financial Accounting3
ACC-112Principles of Accounting II - Managerial Accounting3
ACC-211Intermediate Accounting I3
ACC-291Special Topics in Accounting3
ACC-292Special Topics in Accounting3
BUS-112Introduction to Business3
BUS-119Business Information Systems and Applications3
BUS-136Personal Finance3
BUS-200Business Case Study Methodologies2
BUS-205Landscape Specifications and Estimating3
BUS-211Money and Banking3
BUS-212Principles of Finance3
BUS-213Business Law I3
BUS-215Principles of Management3
BUS-218Investment Principles3
BUS-219Small Business Operations3
BUS-224Cooperative Work Experience-Business3
BUS-225Cooperative Work Experience Business- Related Class1
BUS-226Internship Work Experience-Business3
BUS-227Internship Experience-Business (45-100 Hours)1
BUS-228Internship Experience-Business (90-200 Hours)2
BUS-229Internship Experience-Business (135-300 Hours)3
BUS-233Principles of International Business3
BUS-240Small Business Planning and Finance3
BUS-242Customer Relations3
BUS-291Special Topics in Business3
BUS-292Special Topics in Business3
BUS-ELEBusiness Elective3
MKT-207Introduction to Services Marketing3
MKT-113Principles of Marketing I3
MKT-114Principles of Marketing II3
MKT-208Social Media Marketing3
MKT-210Social Media Analytics3
MKT-215Sales Principles and Practices3
MKT-291Special Topics in Marketing3
MKT-292Special Topics in Marketing3

Melissa Hopper-Ford
Department Chairperson, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
Ph.D. Northcentral University
M.B.A., Saint Peter’s College
B.A., Fairleigh Dickinson University
CH 204B     973-328-5672

Susan Miller
Assistant Chairperson, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.A., University of Maryland
CH 204D     973-328-5662

Michael Adamo
Assistant Professor, Business Administration
M.S., Fairleigh Dickinson University
M.Ed., University of Phoenix
B.S., Kean University
CH 204B  973-328-5666

Karen Crisonino
Associate Professor, Business Administration
MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.S., New Jersey City University
CH 204F     973-328-5650

Jennifer Qvotrup
Assistant Professor, Business Administration
MBA, Rutgers University
B.A., College of Saint Elizabeth
CH 204E   973-328-5657

Maureen Sutton
Assistant Professor, Business Administration
MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University
B.A., Rutgers University
CH 204A   973-328-5675

Apurv Ved
Assistant Professor, Business Administration
M.B.A., Pace University
B Com., University of Bombay, India
CH 204D    973-328-5674