Continuing Professional Education

The Center for Workforce Development offers a wide variety of continuing professional education courses and certifications. This online catalogue is representative of the subjects and classes and may not include all of the courses that are offered by Workforce Development.  For the latest course offerings and dates, please refer to our website at

Some of the professional education courses and certifications offered are:

Data Analytics Data Visualization
Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Coding CompTIA
Microsoft Office Suite Information Technology and Computer Training
Human Resources Project Management
Addictions Counseling Clinical Healthcare Professions
Alternate Route to Teaching Welding

Learn more about CCM's Career Certificate programs at our Open House Information Sessions that are held in September and January. CCM’s adult and continuing education certificate and certification program instructors are available to answer questions about their courses. Learn more about the career opportunities within each certificate area, understand the training program and commitment needed to complete the course of study, and speak with instructors who also work in the industry. Registration is required.for the open house and information sessions. For session dates and to register, go to

If you have any questions, call 973-328-5187 or email