Financial accounting is important for all companies, regardless of their size. Small businesses sometimes lack the capacity to keep up with records of billing and expenses, and get behind with record keeping. Through our accounting courses at the Center for Workforce Development at CCM, businesses can learn to record transactions thoroughly and systematically. This is important for establishing a record of a company's financial health, which becomes critical when applying for loans or establishing a working relationship with other businesses. 

For someone with no prior bookkeeping or accounting knowledge, you must start with the Accounting Basics for Non-Accountants. Students with prior accounting or bookkeeping knowledge and/or experience may enter at Accounting Fundamentals. The goal of this program is to master computerized accounting using QuickBooks and prepare for certification as a QuickBooks professional. Strong computer skills and the completion of the prerequisite accounting courses is required.

Course CodeCourse TitleCEUs
BDT-161EAccounting Basics for Non-Accountants0.9
BDT-124EAccounting Fundamentals and More1.5
BDT-146EQuickBooks Certification Prep2.2

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New Program Series - Accounting for Spanish Speakers

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Accounting Basics for Non-Accountants

PREREQUISITE: This is an introductory course on the basics of accounting. Basic computer skills are essential. A personal computer with Windows 10, while not needed, is helpful. A computer is required for the next classes in this program series. If you have never had a bookkeeping or accounting course and the words “t-account” or “debit and credit entries” sound like a foreign language, you need to start here to advance in this series. Understand the theories and practices behind accounting, the process of recording financial transactions and then summarizing, analyzing, and reporting these transactions. This class will equip you with the foundational knowledge to be successful in the Accounting Fundamentals and More course. BDT-161E.

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Accounting Fundamentals and More

PREREQUISITE: Accounting Basics for Non-Accountants, or accounting/bookkeeping knowledge or prior work experience. Students should have a personal computer with Windows 10 and have strong computer skills. Students will receive CCM student credentials to access MS Excel. Apply double entry bookkeeping and then dig deeper into the analysis and recording of financial transactions and financial statements. Get hands-on experience in accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll procedures, sales taxes, and common banking activities. Understand the role of the three main accounting statements: balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow. This course is a prerequisite for QuickBooks. Students will receive information on the class structure, use of Excel and how to access MS Excel. BDT-124E.

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QuickBooks Certification Prep

PREREQUISITE: Accounting Fundamentals or a minimum of one year work-related bookkeeping or accounting experience is required. Students must have good computer skills, along with a personal computer with Windows 10. Students receive CCM student credentials to access the QuickBooks software. Students who register for this class, and do not have the prerequisite knowledge, will be limited in their ability to participate in this course. If in doubt, please contact Workforce Development at prior to enrolling. A QuickBooks certification exam voucher is included with the course. QuickBooks is a computerized accounting system commonly used in small-to-medium sized businesses. Learn to create purchase orders, track sales and expenses, produce and manage invoices, monitor financial records and more. This course uses QuickBooks 2022, emphasizing the cloud version, with an introduction to the QuickBooks desktop version. The course will help you prepare for the QuickBooks certification exam. Students will receive information on how to download the student version of QuickBooks directly from Intuit and learn more about the QuickBooks certification process. This class, and the information you will learn, is not a substitute for professional accounting and tax advice. Instructors are unable to advise students on specific issues. BDT-146E.

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