English Language Learning

CCM’s English Language Learning (ELL) program provides English language instruction for limited English proficient adults to increase their ability to communicate in English. The content is compatible with principles of language acquisition for adult learners of English and includes skills useful in the workplace, life and academics.

ELL classes are generally offered in two segments (Part 1, Part 2) which align to sections of the book. Students will begin with Part 1 classes and progress to Part 2 in a subsequent session.  ALL STUDENTS MUST BEGIN WITH PART 1 FOR EACH LEVEL/BOOK. There is one book specific to each class level and students will work through the book over two to three ten-week sessions. Foundations of English classes are for non-native speakers who have no or extremely limited English language communication skills. Conversational English classes increase fluency and vocabulary, but are not for the early beginner. Pronunciation classes are for students who are looking to improve their pronunciation.

Skills are integrated into reading, writing, speaking and listening formats. Progress through levels is measured by an approved standardize test or documentation of attainment of competencies. The CCM ELL program course curriculum conforms to the federally defined Workforce Development ESL levels and certificates are available in Early Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Intermediate levels.

The CCM ELL program also includes an on-line learning component called MyEnglishLab. MyEnglishLab provides practice exercises and language learning tasks that students either complete in the CCM Computer Lab or at home. All practice language learning activities taken from the MyEnglishLab are coordinated with each book.

This program requires a textbook. Please see 'Textbook Information' under General Information

New Students to the English Language Learning Program

All NEW students for the English Language Learning program MUST complete a placement test at CCM’s Test Center located in the Learning Resource Center - 1st floor, Room LRC-101.01.  Visit our website for testing dates.

Course CodeCourse TitleCEUs
ENS-317EFoundations of English4
ENS-213EESL Early Beginner4
ENS-226EESL Beginner4
ENS-215EESL Intermediate4
ENS-312EESL Advanced Intermediate4
ENS-309EESL Conversational4
ENS-322EESL Pronunciation4

For information on current course offerings and how to register, go to www.ccm.edu/workforce/


Upon completion of a course, a certificate of completion may be awarded. See "Certificates and Transcripts."



CCM partnered with businesses to create focused English Language courses that will help students communicate more fluently and advance their career in the fastest growing industries. Students can take advantage of this opportunity to improve their English skills and perform their jobs better, obtain advancement and further their career.

Courses scheduled to be offered:

ESL for the Workplace

ESL for Healthcare

ESL for Engineer/Manufacturing

For information on current course offerings and how to register, go to www.ccm.edu/workforce/.

Course usage information

Foundations of English

For non-native speakers who have no or extremely limited English language communication skills. Individuals with marginal skills will find this an excellent first course. ENS-317E.

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ESL Early Beginner

For non-native speakers with very limited English language skills. Emphasis is on practical everyday English and communication skills. Students will gain the baseline proficiency needed to advance to a Beginner level. ENS-213E.

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ESL Beginner

For students who are more proficient with English language skills than Early Beginner. It is the next level for individuals who have completed the CCM Early Beginner series. ENS-226E.

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ESL Intermediate

Level improves grammar through in-class exercises, group work, new vocabulary along with learning and practicing pronunciation to improve fluency and accuracy in English. ENS-215E.

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ESL Advanced Intermediate

Level focuses on the English skills necessary to listen, speak, read and write effectively in the workplace or for academics, to apply standard grammar structures and develop and improve pronunciation skills. ENS-312E.

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ESL Conversational

For students with the ability to hold a basic conversation in English at a minimum to fair level of understanding. This class will increase confidence and allow students to be more comfortable conversing in English. ENS-309E.

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ESL Pronunciation

For students who are looking to improve their pronunciation and communication skills. This course will help you to speak with clarity and work on problematic sounds while perfecting word stress, rhythm, linking and intonation. ENS-322E.

For English Language Learning Career Pathways course descriptions, go to www.ccm.edu/workforce/