Computer Aided Design is used by professionals in all types of industries and is an essential skill that can continue to be built upon, with advanced courses covering various types of modeling.  CCM offers a variety of courses in 2-D, 3-D and solid modeling CAD programs.

Course CodeCourse TitleCEUs
CAD-122EAutoCAD 2D Level 13.2
CAD-123EAutoCAD 2D Level 23.2
CAD-112EAutoCAD Civil 3D3
Course CodeCourse TitleCEUs

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AutoCAD 2D Level 1

This course is a comprehensive introduction for new AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT software users. It incorporates the features, commands and techniques for creating, editing, annotating and printing 2D drawings with AutoCAD. Focused applications for this level include the majority of Draw and Modify tools, Annotation tools for creating text, dimensions and leaders; Creating and Editing Block definitions; Hatching; Page setups with Layouts and titleblocks for plotting, printing and creating PDFs. This course will give the new AutoCAD user a comprehensive foundation to build upon, or update existing AutoCAD users' skills with the latest release. CAD-122E.

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AutoCAD 2D Level 2

Building on the concepts introduced in Level 1, or for the AutoCAD user looking to advance their knowledge of AutoCAD, more advanced features, commands and techniques for production and efficiency will be integrated for creating, editing, annotating and printing drawings. Applications include Dynamic Blocks, Attributes and Fields; External References; Advanced Layer Management tools; Tables; Parametrics; and working with the Sheet Set Manager. Also, Program Customization; Aliases, Macros, and Tool Palettes, along with an introduction to 3D modeling. CAD-123E.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D

For professionals experienced in AutoCAD, a healthy knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D is a real resume booster and ups your appeal to prospective employers. For current engineering students, this is a great addition as you seek internship opportunities. Topics Covered: AutoCAD Civil 3D user interface, create points, point styles and label styles, work with point groups; create, edit, view and analyze surfaces, create data shortcuts, edit alignments, profiles and profile views, assemblies, corridors and intersections, cross-sections and grading solutions. CAD-112E.