Honors Study

County College of Morris offers both full- and part-time students the opportunity to take Honors courses and/or earn an Honors degree in their major or program of study. Honors courses are offered in the more general academic areas that are requirements for most majors. They are designed to help superior students develop their special talents, interact with other individuals of similar abilities, and enjoy an intensive and stimulating learning atmosphere. Those who qualify may take as many Honors courses as desired.

An Honors degree provides exceptional students with unique study and learning opportunities to prepare them for highly specialized fields of work or transfer to the best colleges and universities in the United States. To earn an Honors degree, students enrolled in Associate in Applied Science programs must complete 16 credits of Honors courses. Students enrolled in Associate in Arts, Associate in Fine Arts, and Associate in Science programs must complete 18 credits.

Both Honors degree candidates and those students who decide to take various Honors courses meet regularly with the Honors adviser, become part of a small community of scholars engaged in sophisticated levels of inquiry, and can apply for Honors scholarships set aside for academic excellence. Special recognition of Honors study is indicated on student transcripts and on the diplomas of those who attain the degree.

Students can apply to take Honors courses or seek an Honors degree directly from high school or while enrolled at the college. Admission from high school requires an SAT score of at least 1240 or ACT equivalent.  Any student who does not fulfill these requirements but still wishes to take honors courses should speak with the honors adviser.

For complete details about an Honors degree, the courses of study, application and scholarship information, please contact Professor Iden at 973-328-5649 Email: miden@ccm.edu or Professor Gigliotti at 973-328-5370 Email: sgigliotti@ccm.edu.